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Seasonal Stuff [Dec. 22nd, 2009|07:57 am]
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So I am as per usuall running behind on *everything* Seasonal... Though GB and I actually did get a Tree and decorate it. It was quite fun, and interesting to hear the stories behind the ornaments that we put up, some being older than he is....LOL.
I got our new Kitty space worked out...so the cat tree is in the living room so they can hang out and look out the window. I spent Sat and Sunday making home made Cards...what fun. I havent been plain old crafty in a while. Thanks to Woosie I had all sorts of intesting bits to play with, and ideas from some of the stuff we did at Poly camp. Much fun was had.

I still have some stuff to do...but my one thing was that I wasnt buying anything commercial this year... I have Succeeded, Scarves made by Sue for my girls....they are so beautiful. Hand made soap from my friend Jess out in maple valley... fresh Goats milk soap, it smells devine. Then the other thing i got was himalayan pink salt candle holders from one of my clients. I love mine, and want to spread the love.
My kids have been warned that their stuff is probably not going to get shipped till early Jan...lol cause thats how far behind I am. I am taking a week off at the holidays and am going to play catchup with my sewing and my own house. Good lord that doesnt sound like enough time...haha.

I am also planning on going to the Olympus Spa on my birthday (Dec 30th) if anyone would like to join me that would be Fabulous. I am hoping to head out to Nights Kitchen in the evening for the opening.
Reminder/Poke. My *Party* is on the 2nd of Jan, Its a laid back bring your christmas leftovers, listen to wonderful live music kinda night. Let me know if you want to come and I will get you an address. Pint and Dale are the performers and if you look them up under that name you should be able to check out their music if you havent heard it before.

[User Picture]From: magickalmom
2009-12-23 09:52 pm (UTC)

Which location?

Which location of the spa are you going too?
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